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Ace Cafe Lahti

Ace Cafe Lahti was the first Ace Cafe established outside London. It is located in the port of Niemi.

Contrary to what the name says, Ace Cafe is much more than a cafe. Lots of events are happening and tasteful food is served just like in London. All that in the atmosphere you won’t experience anywhere else in Finland.

It is absolutely possible to have private events in Ace Cafe Lahti. The facilities are excellet for meetings as well as parties. 

Motorcycle Museum of Finland

Motorcycles and motorcycling play big role in Finland’s history. Motorcycles have been great work horses, but of course, they are also been driven just for fun. competitions in which Finland has excelled, thus got noticed world wide.

Motorcycle Museum of Finland showcases widely the history of finnish motorcycling starting from the 80s. The collection of motorycles include beautifully reconstructed bikes that are extremely rare. There are also storyful bikes that have been used by hobbyist as well as competitors.

The building itself is worth of visiting. It is originally built for wood work in 1959 but fully redeveloped for the needs of motorcycle museum and Ace Cafe.

Museum is located in the port of Niemi.

We accept museum card.

Riku Motor

Riku Motor specialises in classic bikes and used bikes that are in excellent condition. There are physical store but the bikes are shown on Riku Motors website. Get the most recent information by contacting Riku.

If you’re looking for one kind of a bike, just call. Riku will get you that.


Business Corner

Business Corner brings together entrepreneurs in Lahti. It helps businesses that have helped Motorcycle Museum to connect each other. It is a great possibility to meet professionals from different industries.

The meetings are often held in Musem but also outside of museum.